We are currently accepting donations for our Non-Profit.

The donations will be used to purchase

Mobile Dental Xpress Wellness and Nutrition a 

Mobile Dental Van –

Your gift will support the purchase of a mobile dental van to provide dental

services to those residents in long-term day facilities in need of dental care.

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We love to see you smile and you'll love it too! Our purpose is to provide caring and quality affordable mobile dental health care to each and every one of our residents.  

Mobile Dental Care

Mobile Dental Xpress brings dental services to you.

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With Mobile Dental Xpress, we take great pride in offering you outstanding service and senior dental care, served by our knowledgeable and experienced dental professionals.

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Mobile Dental Xpress Wellness and Nutrition, Inc.

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Our mobile dentistry Team comes to you.  At Mobile Dental Xpress, we put dental prevention into our practice. You'll love the results that we can give with our combination of experienced and caring dental professionals.

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Mobile Dental Xpress will service your facility. 

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